Gosh…3rd sem is really so busy!

Help!! I’m still in holiday mood but the assignments and lab reports are getting more and more each week! I haven’t even started doing anything…why? Coz I don’t have the simplest idea how to do and where to begin. Too many things to do in one time…maybe I should do them slowly, take my time…but I think I’m running out of time! Who cares…I’ll gonna end up with something as well so don’t stress myself! Life is about having fun and I stick to that principle! Hehe…

2 thoughts on “Gosh…3rd sem is really so busy!

  1. Hoi seh ling!!!i found here today!!! it’s nice to hear about you from this space, gaell. today i finished my exams so i’m in holoday now!! til’ september!!!! yeah. machs guet, seh ling!! i understand your feeling… du kannst gut schaffen!! versuch mal!!

  2. 你好! Just visiting spaces by to say Hello. Your space is very nice.I wish your happiness with your family..You are welcome to my spaces whenever you wish..Greetings & Best wishesHaldun

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