So boring…

Haiyo…so boring! Just watched Stealth…damn cool, another robot or computer with emotions…make me think of I, Robot.
Tomorrow got class, feel so boring to go…we have Pesta Konvo n I have to go to class…so unfair!
Gosh, am I talking craps here? I think I better go n sleep or watch another movie…or else I’m wasting ppl’s time reading craps…hahahah!

One thought on “So boring…

  1. SAPOOOO! Finally you have created a blog as well huh? Btw, are you coming to visit me by the end of this year? come lar..i will wait for you. dann koennen wir wieder zusammen reisen gehen. toll oder? miss you lar… wanna talk with you on the phone lar…like we used to …hehe… ich auch….es ist mir auch sehr langweilig….my blog is…..

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