Hmm…finally a nice and sound sleep in this week! I wonder why am I so busy this semester? Life wasn’t like this before that, I mean it was like no worries, just have fun! But this semester…so many stuff to do!
However…my dream was nice, haha! Too bad I only remember some parts but there were parts that dont seem to be real. Or was I just dreaming of something that I wish would happen in real life? Do our dreams sort of satisfy us? Let’s say when you are wishing so much to be in a place and weirdly you may end up dreaming you were already there! Haha!! Isn’t it amazing…?
Sometimes I do hope I dont dream so much coz it can be tiring, like your mind never stop working, even when you are asleep! When that happens, it’s shit tiring when you wake up, not physically but mentally and you feel like you haven’t been sleeping at all!

One thought on “Dreams…

  1. At least you dream gaell! I have boring sleep every night as I can hardly remember that I have dreamt. It feels just empty every morning when I wake up. Langweilig gaell! Sometimes I really wish I could dream of something that I have longing for in the real life, knowing that it won’t happened in the real life. Hehe….

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