Apparently the conference turned out to be G-R-E-A-T! Something was wrong with my social skills coz I wasn’t that interested to make any new friends or start a conversation. Anyway, who cares! Overall the seminars and workshops were informative, sort of learned some useful stuff…
How to make-up
Ok, laugh but I don’t & can’t make-up, imagine those stuffs u need from the simple facial cleanser-toner-moisturizer to the complicated and a variety of foundation-brushes-mascaras-eyeliner-lipsticks-and the list goes on! Now u understand why your elder sis has so many ‘ka-chang’ and what took her so long in the bathrrom!!! But who ever said make-up is easy? So guys outside..appreciate it when ur gals make-up!!! Hehe, I stole that phrase from the make-up artist!
How to dress up to work 
You would probably say it depends on the person but this is kinda tricky isn’t it coz not many know how to…just think of the differences between casual, smart casual, formal…gosh, do they really have to have so many chategories?? That makes life complicated!! No wonder our wardrobe is full…oh yeah, before we learn how to dress up, we should understand our body shapes first (that was what she said!!), so…
How to determine our body shape
How many of you really know and understand ur body? Do u know there are 7 different kinds of body shapes so sad but true, most Asians have the pear type…I wasn’t really sure what she meant but sort of like big hips la! Just strap yourself naked n stare or scruntinize your body infront of a mirror…what do you see?? Fats jiggling…haha, that was what came to my mind when I imagine myself naked infront of a mirror. Wonder how anyone gets such firm n toned body…forget what I imagined. So when you look at urself…do you notice anything? Like are you long-legged, or short-legged, long neck or the other way, long waist or short…? It’s your body shape that detemines what style suits you…so don’t simply buy a dress that look nice on your idol becasue it may not have the same effect on you!! Oh yeah, and measure your body (vertically) and see whether you have longer upper body n shorter lower body or the other way round. Just one tip I remember, if you have shorter lower body, don’t wear short-waist-pants…they make your legs look even shorter.
How to write a CV
Hey, what’s the difference between a CV and a resume?? I guess many of u know that but I wasn’t sure I knew it. Another important rule, no flowery stuff, you are not writing a novel…and forget about those stupid and not interesting details of urs!! Who bothers how many siblings u have and one thing for sure IQ isn’t everything. So guys out there, having a 4.0 doens’t ensure you a job when your EQ is zero!!!
How to be a leader
The usual leadership stuff, easy to listen but hard to imply. Imagine almost 80 charactheristics!! U name it, it is on it!
How to manage ur finance
Gosh, I will be frank about this…I never thought of managing my finance until i listened to this seminar. Why bother to manage when I don’t even generate any money. Maybe learning to manage my spending would sound better.
How to change
hmm…it took me some time to figure it out what that guy wanted to say but the keyword is C-H-A-N-G-E! I guess for the better…to be truthful, I wasn’t listening to what he really said but I remember him repeating many times he was giving the talk FOC for us but usually it will cost 3000 and more…however, in conclusion, change for the best…learn to do sth today, not tomorrow!
How to use M16
I thought I wasn’t hearing correctly or was dreaming when we were told we were given the chance to use it. Why? Coz our slot said Physical Endurance…none did it mention it would be conducted by soldiers or involved guns!! Of course we didn’t go shooting for the entire 3hr. We did have PE…scouts or guides, u sort of can figure it out what obstacles are so some sort like that. Anyway, great exercises but it made us damn tired and sleepy for the entire day. Not forgetting the blue-black i got from…damn, i just can’t recall!
How to deliver a speech
Think it is easy? It may be for those trained speakers…but surely everyone goes through the nervous stage. Er…ok…ar…sounds familiar?? And don’t forget our body language…it enhances what we wanna say. Hehe…and lastly our voice mechanism!! What is it? Ever wonder how you sound when u speak in chinese and in other languages. Ever realise the pitch is different?? Dun believe? Try… Oh yeah, and how we love to translate words from chinese to english…it does sound funny.
True colours and personality test
Well, no need to learn this…just need to understand what kind of people you are. But till now I don’t understand why there are only 4 chategories of people. Surely we are not restricted to only these 4 types…but that was it, GOLD, GREEN, BLUE & ORANGE. And why the hell these colours? Where are purple, pink, yellow…?
Just in case u r curious…Gold=those who obey rules, Green=work best independently, not sensitives to others, Blue=socialable, work best in group, very sensitive & Orange=those who don’t follow the rules, tell him sth n he wont believe it until he tried it. Anyway…we all belongs to all these colours, just that how extreme we are of a certain colour varies.
I think it will go on forever and forever to list out everything I gained from the conference. Oh yeah, the lucky draw part was nice…since the prizes were so charming except that the fact I wasn’t the lucky one! The grand prize was…MOTOROLA 3G Hp!! How I wished I was the winner, too bad only in my dream. Actually the title of the conference is Metamorphosis…bio students, you should know what it is! For those who dun, I will tell you but sorry if it’s not the correct definition. It’s something like the process of changing from one state to another state. Imagine a caterpilla transforming into a butterfly…that’s Metamorphosis. So in short, I did learn a lot during the conference and am doing the metamorphosis process, in order to be someone better… 

3 thoughts on “Metamorphosis!!

  1. Sapo! So now you are the professional in make up and dressing huh? So next time when we meet, you gotta teach me all those stuff that you have learnt in the conference. Hmm…. the last time that I put on make up was….. the party in Switzerland, wearing the Cheongsam. Hahaha…. never really put on any since then. >.<"

  2. Hoi Sehling!!!! wie geht’s dir??…..this is my blog URL … und saya blog >> miss you & Take care ….J@R(^.^)

  3. Nope, still dunno how to make-up…I’l learn one day, just dun feel like making-up now. It’s just so mafan!

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