What a crazy week!!!

Damn…I’m really very tired!! Haven’t recovered from anything…apparently ever since my fieldwork, I haven’t been sleeping much. I’m so damn happy and grateful it’s finally weekend again…I really need to SLEEP!!
The fieldtrip was pretty much a mess…none of us could understand any instructions…it was pretty stupid. However, the best part is being at the waterfall…playing in the ice cool water…but sadly not crystal clear water.
Right after the fieldtrip, it was end of my holiday…how stupid to have 1 week of night classes or test every single night! Worse…sleep time = rushing for reports or reading for test…
I really need some time to recover or at least gain back my energy…



3 thoughts on “What a crazy week!!!

  1. Finally u wrote something for me in the comment box(^.^) yeah! i really miss the sweet time in Swiss…especially in the Fall camp that i shared bed with u&listened to Thai +Chinese+Eng songs…we sung the song together~Eternal Flame,right? :-)Anyways i hope that you can finish all of the assignment on time…Macht’s gut….see u on msn….J@R

  2. Oh oh !! the song that i sent to you last time is now available on my space hehehe!….you will hear when u get in to my space la(^.^)

  3. SAPO!!Habt dich vermissen!! Kommst nach Melbourne endes des Jahr gaell! Ich warte auf dich…OK? hehe…."Dich" in my msn space ist meine Ex, die Asshole(ashluch), die Bastard!

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