Headache doing reports! I’ve no idea what I’m doing…why is it so hard? But I’m glad at least I’m able to find lotsa information from the Net…really my life saver! I cant imagine life without computers…the best part is the editing part. I can’t wait for the holiday to come…I wanna go travelling!!

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  1. you wanna go travel? me too! i need a break from work! i think i am working like a slaves or robot lar. Yesterday I was sick, and yet i went to work. but it couldnt last me long, i just worked for about 3 hours and then i told my boss that I really need to go coz I felt worst than before. I took a taxi home from workplace, ate panadol and head to bed and sleep till now… that is about 12hours sleep. hehehe… feeling better… but tonight has to go to work again… and will be back the earliest 1am. sigh…. habt dich vermisst gaelll! have so much to talk!! like we used to….~~

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