End of Semester 3…

End of my third semester…and life did not get any easier. Coz more and more reports n assignments are due and worst of all…exams! N even worse is tests before exam! What the heck??
At least, the reports and assignments are almost done…but still not completed. I really hope it’s over soon, the moment the reports are still in my hand, I cannot do anything else. I haven’t even started studying for my tests n exam which begin next week…sometimes I do hope I have more than 24hours per day. Haha…
Time flies…I believe that so I hope this terrible time flies as fast as it can but stupid is…I still have to go through the situation no matter how fast it flies. Hai…if only I did not have to…

2 thoughts on “End of Semester 3…

  1. sapo! hast du jetzt schon Ferien? Kommst du endes des Jahr? I am going back to Malaysia on the 17 Dec. I mean, i have made a booking on the 17 Dec. Whether of going back, I am still unsure about it, have to wait and see how my PR stuff going. Und dir??????? what ya doing huh??? missssss yooouuuuu

  2. Gosh, life is damn busy! I hardly sleep this whole week, rushing for reports on sun, then the whole night studied for 2 tests on mon, then tue did my report again, then nite studied for another stupid test on wed n finally thu, did a poster coz im having a presentation tmr. Life sucks!! Never in my life that I sleep after 8am for the entire week!

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