Homo sapiens

Human belong to the species Homo sapiens…so women and men are apparently the same species but different world. Here are some interesting facts about the differences of women and men! Kinda true, in fact very true!
Women are naturally intuitive…as an example a lady can see a blonde hair on her husband’s coat but she hits the garage door when she parks the car!! However, a men would have to witness tears, a temper tantrum or be slapped before he’d have a clue anything was going on! Haha…true huh!
Women rarely get caught ogling other men due to their superior peripheral vision but men have ‘tunnel vision’. That explains why they’re always so obvious when looking at other women coz they have to turn their heads!
Men can find his way to a pub but can never find things in the fridges and cupboards! However men can read maps and recognize the way, in short have a good sence of direction whereby most women seem to get lost or can’t recognize the road!
Women can detect emotions through tone of voice but unfortunately men can’t…that’s why ppl say women tend to be sensitive…
Women can multi-tasks!! But men can’t, they can only do one thing at a time.
Women are good conversationalists…this explains why women can spend hours on the phone. Men, in the other hand, aren’t so good at talking.
Women discharge their problems by talking but men choose to stay away and be on his own.
Women talk differently as men. Why? Ever realised a man’s sentences are shorter than a woman’s and are more structured, with a simple opening, a clear point and a conclusion.
A woman reads the meaning of what being said through voice intonation and the speaker’s body language. Typically, a woman will respond with different facial expressions. However, the biological objective of men when listening ware to remain impassive, so not to betray his emotions. They usually have a same range of facial expressions. Hmm…example, when watching a touching scene, a woman may cry easily but man do not even though both woman and man experience the same emotion.
The majority of women have limited spatial ability whereas it is one of the men’s strongest abilities. Spatial ability means being able to picture in the mind the shape of things, their dimensions, proportions, movement and geography. So now u can understand why most women are not good in reading maps and why most engineers are men. Girls are excellent at seeing 2D but boys are far more able to see a 3D.
If a woman is unhappy in her relationships , she can’t concentrate on her work but if a man is unhappy at work he can’t focus in relationships.
Women admit their mistakes but men find it hard to apologize!!
Women’s sex drive is like an electric-owen – it heats slowly to its top temperature and takes a lot longer to cool down. Male sex drive is like a microwave – it operates at full capacity within seconds and be turned off just as quickly when the meal is cooked! Hehe…
The sexual peak for women is between age of 36-38 but for men it is around 19…this explains the older woman/younger man combination.
The sex drive of a man in his 40s is compatible with a woman in her early 20s which partly explains the older man/younger woman combination.
Female menopause – gain weight and get hot flushes.
Male menopause – get to date young gals and ride motorcycles.
A woman wants lots of sex with the man she loves but a man just wants lots of sex! Pretty true huh??
Most women prefer sex in the dark – they can’t bear to see a man enjoying himself but men like sex with the lights on – so that they can get the woman’s name right! I wonder how true it is…haha
When a woman sees a man naked, she bursts into laughter but when a man sees a woman naked, he becomes stimulated and aroused.
Women : sex is the price to pay for marriage
Men : marriage is the price to pay for sex
Kinda interesting to know these facts…u wanna know more…go check out from the book from allan + barbara pease! But despite of all differences, men and women still fall in love. Haha…what a wonderful world!

3 thoughts on “Homo sapiens

  1. Gosh…I didn’t mean to say men are animals…just simply wanna state out how different men are from women! You got the wrong message!

  2. i know you didnt mean to say men are animals. It was just my opinion and I want to tell you. hehe…… wann rufst du mich an?? ich warte auf dich gaell!! we are going to meet in two weeks. Hahaha…. so exciting gaell!!

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