Nice dream

I’m still wondering how come I had such a dream? It’s indeed wonderful…wanna know wat it’s all about? Well, I dreamt meeting up all out AFSers frenz (year 2001). It was like a reunion…and guess where? At Russikon, Schweiz!! Sayaka stayed there. It was so nice seeing everyone partying…in my dream, Jar was so excited!! Haha! And Sayaka was busy doing the BBQ stuff. Just one weird thing…her house looked different…it was like a teres house…about 5 to 6 houses in a row and we occupied every houses! Haha…and imagine I actually cycled there! Crazy man…how can anyone cycle from my house to Russikon?? Maybe I pushed my bike into the train, must be la! But it was just a short dream, before I woke up, I remember Angela (my host sis) sms me and tell me not to forget about our date with my host grandma…so I told Saya I had to go back. Then she told me no train back on Sun! I was like what the heck? Then I woke up! Haha…anyway, good to see everyone again!

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