Endlich bin ich in Melbourne!!

Worse part of my trip this time was to wait for almost 12 hours at KLIA for my flight to Melbourne…why is the schedule so scheisse! Die Zeit ging so langsam wenn ich wartete. So long until daylight came…the longest night ever! Ich konnte nicht schlafen…so dumm!!
Deshalb habe ich mich sehr gefreuet, wenn ich im Flugzeug war. Das heisst, ich konnte schlafen!! Hehe, es gab nicht sehr viele Leute im Flugzeug…i changed my place to window seat. So geil…the movies on board were nice…so it ended up i only slept for maybe 1 or 2 hours and spent the rest of time watching movies…Ich habe ein Korean movie geschauet coz I like the actor…he’s cute!! Haha…what’s his name? Scheiss…wie kann ich es vergessen…I thought I remember it but…shit, my memory really sucks these days!
Egal…after a slight snack…I finally arrived Melbourne…es war ziemlich kalt. Luckily there weren’t many problems with the check out stuff and everything. I almost took the wrong luggage. That fellow had the same luggage as me, even the same ribbon tied to the handle. The only difference was her luggage was definitely much lighter than mine…that was how I realised I ot the wrong one coz it didnt take me much energy to carry hers. When I put hers back, I saw her putting mine back as well. Haha…so apparently the other person got the wrong one as well. Another interesting stuff was…they used dog to sniff for whatever stuff, pretty interesting! Coz i didnt experience that in KLIA or even S’pore airport or Zuerich Flughafen…
Finally I came out to the arrival hall…I dunno that Alissa buta or wat, she didnt even see me! I was the one who had to search for her!!! But it was really so nice to see her again! All the memories came back, es war wirklich wie in der Schweiz! We rode on the same bus, train…the same coldness…I vermisse die Schweiz sehr! It took quite some time to reach her house after a bus ride and changing trains twice. But seeing different races along the way was interesting…haha! Even from the station to her house took around 15-20min. Plus my stupid luggage that made stupid loud sound when I pulled it along the road. It was already almost midnight and all houses had their lights off! So early!! I was like wondering did my roller wake the whole neighbourhood up?? Haha…
Finally arrived her house, I was starving like shit. But her house is nice…if only they have such apartments in Malaysia! And guess what she served me? Roti canai and rendang and kari ayam!! After hours of flight away from Malaysia, here I was eating Malaysian food again but es war lecker…vielleicht hatte ich echt grosser Hunger. Es war schoen…genau wie in der Schweiz…
Hmm…jetzt weiss ich nicht was ich machen kann. Es ist fuer mich noch frueh, darum kann nicht schlafen…Alissa schlaeft schon…wie ein Schwein! Haha!!!
Also, das ist alles fuer heute…ich schreib mehr naechstes mal! Ciao Zaemae!!!!

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