The Great Ocean Road Adventure…

Mein Gott…ich bin echt muede aber trotzdem schlafe ich nicht…ich bin so! Gestern sind wir sehr frueh aufgestanden aber das Himmer war schon hell…Sommer…immer so aber das Wetter ist kalt…brr…
Breakfast at Bells Beach…freaking cold but there are still ppl went for surfing. Unglaublich!! Denn sind wir weiter gefahren…the Great Ocean Road…damn stupid, the road is like a damn long snake, made me wanna vomit! Headache…I think I turned white! I’m glad finally we stopped for lunch at Apollo Bay…it was raining, still feeling cold. But half way through the meal, the rain stopped and the sun came out but it wasn’t that hot either. Weird weather they got there…rain, windy, sun…everything in a day!
After lunch, we headed for Port Campbell National Park, it’s big 3000km square! First stop was the twelve apostles…gosh, it was damn windy…if I was thin, I think I would fly away! I couldn’t even hold my camera in a fix position…my hands were moving like I couldn’t focus the camera…and worse was my hair was flying around in no control! For once I wished I’m bald…haha…or with short hair! It was hard to walk against the wind…walking side way like a crab indeed helped alot…less surface to feel the pressure…after that we went to Loch Ard Gorge…there’s a history about it but I dun think I really read about it and I can’t remember…the wind blew away everything…I can only remember seeing beautiful sea. Haha…and caves! 
We had tea before we went to the London Bridge! London Bridge in Aus?? How can it be possible…just sth similar la…then we went back to Melbourne. I was tired…slept the whole journey back…still feeling cold…
Finally back in Melbourne, had dinner with Alissa’s friend. But before that we went to a toilet in a casino…not really like a huge one but I couldn’t believe when he asked for my IC. What the heck?? And Alissa could pass by…Blek! I always kena…damn it!
Now back in her apartment…I’m tired…mentally I guess…it’s like my mind can’t work but I can’t sleep…music is what I need now…I love music! So much… 

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