Alissa! Urgent!!

Btw…i dunno how to contact u…since u dun usually check ur email…so leave msg here should be better!
Ok…i’ve saved a document (microsoft word) in ur comp, under file sehling, i can’t remember izzit in my documents or…u find la. Then send that file to asap! I need it urgently for my project…lec ‘cui’ me liao!
Thx alot!

4 thoughts on “Alissa! Urgent!!

  1. Yes, it will kill me since you already know I am a BUSY girl! So busy lar!!! this week really TOO pack lar!! HOw i wish i have 48hours lar!! Too many things to do this week!! >.<

  2. 48 hours?? Haha…in dein Traum…Morgen gehe ich wieder an den Uni…scheisse! Ich freue mich gar nicht!Ich will Ferien…Hey…Gabi kommt im Sept…yeah!! I’ll pray for holiday, then I can go to Redang with them! Yuhu!!!

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