Stupiest week ever!

I fucking lost my pendrive…this is terrible! I think I misplaced it…I really hope so…coz misplace=there are chances it can be found! But if dropped somewhere, it’s gone!   Pendrive…please come back to me…

Then…I dunno what to choose for my elective…y izzit always so hard to decide!? Headache! Scheisse!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Stupiest week ever!

  1. Yeah…luckily…so happy!! HeheBut I still can’t decide what I wanna take for elective…very fan! Wish u merry xmas! Have fun…urs should be more fun than mine! I’m jz staying at home. Actually my frenz asked to go to kl but i’m jz too lazy! Besides it rains everyday here…I’m afraid I might stuck in the flood…

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