Year 2005 is coming to an end!

Can’t believe time flies so fast…another year has gone by…but I think this year is a great year for me…I’ve done a lot and achieved a lot! Yeah…
Let me recall back…in a year…I went through the life of 3 semesters…
2nd semester…
It was sort of like the best coz we were having lotsa fun!!! New Year was celebrated at KL…got sprayed like shit, went clubbing…was fun! Then midterm holiday we went to Kelantan…hotspring, waterfall, shopping…but we missed the Thai food…maybe some other time.
The best of all! Haha…Almost 4months holiday, who could ask for more…so went to
Taiping (a peaceful and historical town, everything is so old).
Penang (kinda developed, nice food, nice place to shop and visit)
Genting Highland (it’s on the mountain, got lotsa entertainment, gambling…and it’s cooling there!).
Redang island (went there with AFS students, was nice…).
China (family trip…more to the countryside, nice scenery but kinda not so developed and the WC sucks!!).
I also worked in Redang was about 2months, it was a great experience, sth I will never forget for life…there were pros and cons…but once is enough, I won’t go back to work there!
3rd sememter…
It was terrible, miserable life!! Maybe coz I wasn’t in a good health! I went diving twice or even more daily during my last week in Redang…and I think I didn’t equalize properly…and my ears hurt, my hearing was bad. Like sth was blocking the pathway…it took almost a week to cure…however during the process, it affected me so much, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything, not even talking to friends! I was like in my own world, dreaming and drifting away! I didn’t care what happened around me…3rd sem was also the busiest sem among all the other sems. Lotsa reports, assignments, tests, exams…but I’m glad my friends and I managed to finish everything in time. I still dunno how I managed it but I’m glad it’s over!
Holiday again!!
Holiday is really nice!! I went to Australia to visit sapo! Haha…nice to see her again! Still the same, no changes, still that duenn! Haha…Anyway, the time there was great! I really love staying there…never in my life would I ever wanna go to Australia but after I went there, it’s really nice…I’ve to admitt that! So sad to come home. I really do wish I could stay longer but nvm la! Hehe…some other time…when I get enough money again, I will go back.
4th semester…
So far so good…but feel weird to go back to uni coz I’m still in the holiday mood! First week, busy with registration stuff…still can’t decide what to take for my elective…and now it’s Christmas and I’m jz staying at home…lazy to go anywhere as it rains heavily everyday…feel like staying at home only! Anyway, I wish all of u Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…may all ur dreams come true! And most importantly live life to the fullest!!
Jz one year and alot of things happened, whether it’s in ur expectation or not…anyway, that’s where and how u learn and grow…learn from ur mistake…I believe everything happen for a reason. Give everything a try and dun regret later for not trying! So have fun!!! Love u all!!!

One thought on “Year 2005 is coming to an end!

  1. Frohe Weihnachten Sehling! Viel spass! Ich wunsche dir alles gute in Neue Jahr 2006…….macht’s gut!!! J@R(#^.^#)

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