I feel moody…

It’s really kinda stress to study…so many stuffs to handle at one time!
Stress does make me moody…lack of sleep…and stupiest of all…worm in my laptop n pendrive?? WTF?
3 tests next week…reports due next week, even on the weekend, I have to go to a fieldtrip…whole weekdays in lab…shit, i hate it! I’m getting lesser sleep these days…odd eating hours…what kind of life is this? Echt scheiss!
I really hope to have someone to talk with, anything other than my uni stuff! Coz talking of those loads…it brings headache!

3 thoughts on “I feel moody…

  1. you can talk with me, about anything! anything you want gaell!! hast du sehr vermissen gaell! wann treffen uns wieder? bald oder?? Ich habe heute my australien PR bekommen! Hurray! I got my PR!! I hope to see you soon! ich auch….. i am moody! Moody day~

  2.  cheer up, seh ling.. I had 2 test last week. for sure that Im failing one class because I did  really bad on exam. Also, I even can not take note… in class. the teacher speaks too fast and doesnt use the board. sometimes, I cant catch what teacher said. shit. and he didnt want let me use dictionary during taking a test. how i can write the essay about early civilizaion without using dictionary.  so damn…     

  3. Hey thanks…
    I guess it’s a normal process in d uni…
    Everyone seem to be face certain difficulties…
    I hope u can cope well in uni…
    Take care…miss u lots!!!

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