Ever since the CNY holiday…I haven’t really slept much! Only one word to describe how I feel right now – EXHAUSTED!! I feel like I can’t stand it anymore…too many stuffs to do!!!
Just came back from a fieldtrip today…kinda waste of time whereby we could finish everything in 1 hour and we had to stay there overnight! Now…I feel like sleeping but I still have to drag myself out of my bed just to prepare for a presentation tomorrow…Arghh…I wanna take MC!

2 thoughts on “Exhausted…

  1. I am exhausted as well! Life has been so busy and sucks! Been working from 6.30am everyday. No enough of sleep everyday. Wah! I just realised I havent got the time to use the computer for so long… Miss you!!!

  2. Miss u a lot as well…how I wish I’m with u…it’s always trouble-free and enjoying!!!
    U know wat…after preparing the presentation the whole stupid morning, the lec didn’t turn up!! She was on MC! Wirklich so scheiss!!!

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