Gosh…it’s final time!!!

Such a packed exam timetable…how could anyone arranged 3 exams in 3 days!! Really so stressed up!! No rest…busy memorizing stuff!!! However, I’m glad at least 3 exams were over…i got another 2 more papers to go, then it’s finally sem break!! At least till the next paper, I have a week to prepare…isn’t it great? No more sleepless nites…
Hehe…this holiday, I’m gonna do my industrial training in KL, hopefully everything works out well…wish me luck! Going there to work is definitely different as having fun there…different feelings…for once I do feel nervous or even anxious about everything…however, as ppl say expect the unexpected and dun expect too much as the higher ur expections are, the higher the dissapointment will be…so jz let it be!!
Now I’m jz too lazy to read for the next exam…I wanna enjoy a few days…do stuffs I like…I do need rest!

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