So much to do…

Gosh, I’ve finally found a room to stay out…kinda cool! Haha…now I’m having headache what to pack. I dun even know what I should wear to work. For once, I wish they have uniforms…no headache.
It seems like I got so much things to bring…I need my laptop (it’s my life!!!), radio, speaker, CDs…crazy man!
Tmr last paper and it’s finally over. But I’m so worried about my packing that I don’t seem to have the mood to read a single thing. Oh yeah, and not forgetting the stupid assignment our group hasn’t even done yet. I hate being the group leader…had to take care of everything. Nex time I gotta make sure they don’t put my name as a leader again. It aint that nice!!!
Before I go back to my rented house…I got stuffs to do…at least I gotta pack everything coz I’m asking my friend to bring those stuffs to KL for me…lucky me!! Hmm…I need to mend my shoes, find for clothes (formal wear), buy some stuffs…so gotta go…at least today I won’t be lazing around at home!!

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