Industrial training…

I’m finally in KL doing my industrial training or practical or as a student attachment…they really have a lot of names for it.
I’m having my practical at Institure For Medical Research…a unique place. I mean the buildings are so old…I think IMR has a history of more than 100 years. It’s really magnificant…the buildings here are like museums!! So old…makes u think back of the old days…even the toilets…haha! Really old-fashioned but kinda amusing!
Today is only my 3rd day. So far so good. Maybe as I don’t have anything to do now so it’s kinda boring. At least I could visit other frenz in other departments. It’s also fun learning new stuffs, meeting new people. And I really have to admit the people here are so friendly and nice! It’s kinda surprise me…I mean they are jz so nice to us!
My supervisor is not around these days so I’m free to do anything I like. Today I finally met the head of department. He’s nice too…he’s gonna give me a project to do. I hope I can handle it…be more confident in myself!! Before I start, there is lots of reading to do!
As for life here…I won’t say I’m already used to it. Coz I feel like I live to work. Imagine, wake up then straight to work. Not forgetting the traffic-jam along the way to IMR…that’s why I have to wake up so early in the morning. How long can I stand it…? Then 9 hours at the work place. Usually finish at around 5. Then head back home. Before that will eat first…so by the time I reach home it’s already past 7. I’m so exhausted and tired everyday after work. All I want to do is just sleep…but isn’t it kinda to early to sleep at 8?? Haha…So I hang around, read books, listen to music and I always end up sleeping around midnite…Then the next day…the same routine…this kind of life isn’t what I want in my future. I don’t really like this kind of life…but I guess no matter what job I take, it won’t make much difference. I need time to adapt and adopt…but by the time I manage to do it, it’s time to go home. Hehe…
Maybe duirng the first day I did think of stopping my practical coz I had nothing to do but now…I think I will continue…I start to like it…even though I still think working life sucks! I wanna be a student, at least we have a more flexible timetable, more free time and sleep time! Haha… Now I understand why ppl enjoy studying more than working.
Another half an hour I’m outta here!! Hehe…hopefully it won’t take too long to reach home. Today I wanna go back earlier so I won’t have dinner outside. Most probably have Milo and bread. Yum Yum…
I really need luck to finish my project…nicht nur Glueck…real a lot of luck! Haha…

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