Wesak Day

Wesak Day…actually I wanted to go back to KT but there wasn’t any ticket left. So no choice had to hang around at KL…however, it was nice celebrating here. I went to a temple at Jenjarom with Yun Xin, her mum and sis. Das Wetter war scheiss heiss!!! That temple doesn’t look like those ancient type as in China. It’s modernized…the building is square in shape…kinda weird or unique for a temple. It even has carpet on the floor!! Haha…going there was like donating money away. The lunch was expensive…then jz bcoz we wanted to see sth (although til now I’m not so sure what it is), we had to buy a pair of rm2 socks!! So iilogical! When we knew about that, we felt like we had been cheated. We waited so long outside jz to go in and bought a pair of socks and waited again. They should have told us we had to wear socks in order to go in. Amittaba…After almost the whole afternoon there, we went back to Bangi…and her car’s temperature was rising…no choice, stopped at a petro station and waited to add water in. Xin’s sis watered the whole front part of the car…which resulted the car to jerk…and couldn’t start at all! So wasted more than 100bucks to pay for the service to vacuum out the water from the engines…so bloed!
We were feeling so hot and tired…wanted to reach home as quick as possible…since Xin didn’t have her keys along so her fren was supposed to leave them beside the window. But when we reached home…the keys were there but the windows were locked! THe God must be fooling us! So no choice, we had to go out…anywhere would do. We ended up at Ikea…the furnitures were so nice!!!! I didn’t looked around much coz Uncle Man and Se Kim were alr on their way to pick me up for dinner. Their house or condo or apartment…whatever u call it…is nicely decorated! Dinner was simple but nice. It was also great to meet my cousins again…they’ve grown up so much!
After dinner…I went back to Ikea to meet up with Xin. But surprisingly was I actually ran into Yi Jia!!! Gosh, I was so excited to see again. She was my close fren in secondary school…working at 8TV now. Later when I met up with Xin, wow!! They bought so many stuffs!!!!
By the time I reached home, I was damn tired! Wollte nur schlafen…aber we were talking until past midnite…I wonder how come they aren’t not tired although they sleep so little…

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