I feel great!!!

For once…I never felt better after thinking so much. Want or not…warum? Warum will ich es machen…i think i’ll figure it out slowly. Have to be fast…but never rush. Das ist sehr Wahr!!! Haha…
It rains everyday…it’s not that I hate it but it’s very troublesome. Shoes get wet…then cars are splashing water when they drive by! I hate that! I’m all wet from head to toe for no reason. Don’t they see there are people beside the road…be considerate!
Mum’s here…I’m happy, i wanna meet her…but bcoz of some stuffs…sad  Makes me feel like I’m so selfish…my parents can find out time for me when I’m in need…no matter how busy or sick they are and I can’t?? What’s wrong with me? Sorry…so no matter how, I must see her tmr! MUSS!!!
Ich bin muede…echt! I got so much to do but I dunno where to start. No time to waste…planning! Report…makes ppl headache or am I just thinking too complicated? Or maybe I want perfection or have too high expectations…?? Simple is better…I should learn to be simple…everything is simple when u think simple. Things ain’t that complicated. That’s sth I learned recently…y make sth complicated when I can think it simple?? Kinda true…
And about the business…I’m starting to like the environment, the people…kinda cool! Ich muss es umbedingt schaffen!!

2 thoughts on “I feel great!!!

  1. I’m still wondering the business that you have been mentioning. Kinda curious! Now, I don’t feel great. Everything here is so sickening gaell! I think I am someonoe who needs to be in a new environment all the time. I can’t stand the same routine or being bored. I need to find some excitement. And that stupid Simon really spoils my mood! Wann gehen wir wieder zusammen reisen huh? Habt dich sehr vermissen! waiting for you to explain your business to me mate!

  2. I think i’ve explained…and u r also in one! Cool!!
    Don’t get moody and so stressed up so often, not good for ur health ok?? Hehe…be happy. Sometimes worrying too much doesn’t solve ur problems ok??
    Ich hoffe wir sehen uns wieder aber in Moment, geht es nicht. Ich hab noch ein Jahr an den Uni…denn graduate! I’m not sure if I’m looking forward coz I don’t know what I want in my future and I’m still finding it out.
    I wanna do things that I enjoy and in the mean time, have income! Cash flowing in…cool huh?
    Miss ya!

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