My holidays is coming to an end

Time flies…i really agree with this…many things happened in two months here at KL.
I was here because of my li. I worked at Institute for Medical Research under Environmental Health Research Centre. My supervisor is a great person, helped me a lot. I learned and gained a lot from him. Not forgetting other people there…Kak Zurah, Florence, Kak Asrah, Kak Hasnah, Dr. Suffiah, Dr. Lokman, Dr. Rafizah, Din…too many to mention. They are just extremely friendly people that I will miss! Thanks a lot for all the help and guidance. I had a great time working there…the experience is memorable.
Other than that, I really enjoyed KL life. A total city life, makes me think of Swiss. I miss Swiss…and that kind of lifestyle, I found it here as well. I joined DCHL and I love it. I just love the business, the system, the marketing plan, the culture…most importantly is the office – SYN Centre has became my second home. Gosh, I’m gonna miss it so much. To my upline…thanks for introducing me to this. I’m grateful to be in such a great team…let’s succeed together. We’ll make KUSTEM our network! This is gonna be great!
Before going back, I’m gonna attend the biggest and craziest party of the century – IME! I’m so looking forward…and I’m bringing my bro along. Aint it great!! Viel Spass!

2 thoughts on “My holidays is coming to an end

  1. hooooi seh ling!! how are you doing?
    you had a great time in KL!! i’m happy to hear about it.
    anyway, i am going to see saya again in two weeks.
    i am looking forward it!!!

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