Back to reality…

I just came back from KL this morning…and had slept the whole morning till almost 3pm in the afternoon and yet I still feel sleepy…my eyes can’t hardly open. In the library now, wanted to search for journals but dunno how and where to find for what I want.
It was great to be at KL again! Went down with partners…am besten is mit meinem Bruder! The bus ride was kinda long but I’m used to it actually. Reached there almost 7pm…went to KLCC for dinner, then went to the office. We wanted to go to a home party aber war nicht gegangen. It was almost midnite when we got home.
Sat…woke up around 10sth…went for Seh Wei’s graduation. It rained so heavily while we were having lunch at KTAR. So no choice but waited for the rain to stop. We wanted to go for a movie but it was too late. So jz walked around KLCC to kill time and later took a cab to the office as it was raining. There was a distributors gathering that nite conducted by SY. Cool…managed to gain a lot. By the time it ended, it was already midnite, went for supper then headed back home…es war nach 2Uhr.
Sun…attended NDO! Had to wake up so early…changed lrt twice and took a cab till we reach Sunway Convention Centre. So many people there. Kinda cool to see them again! It was my third time attending a NDO. It is always different…the event ended around 7pm…then got wai huin…didn’t realise time passed so fast. It was already almost 8.30pm when my fren checked the time. So quickly changed and waited for a fren to fetch us the the KJ lrt station but she didn’t know the way. Ended up back to Sunway Pyramid, took a cab and rushed to Putra. Luckily arrived on time to board on the bus. The bus really almost left without us…so dumm! Ran like shit! But so glad at least we didn’t miss it! I was so tired man…slept till reach KT…and now ich bin trotzdem immer noch sehr muede!

2 thoughts on “Back to reality…

  1. I really wonder where you live. KL or KT?? hehee… seems like you are going to KL every weekend huh?? How is your business going?? You haven’t told me exactly what it is. Mine is still the same, no improvement, still remain 0% knowledge. Hahaha… now I’m looking hard for a job at the same time thinking of going back to kuching for good. Kinda really homesick now. I wish i could go back to kuching now, if I have the money. I am so broke now. I miss you hips!!!! Muakkkkksss…hugsss….

  2. Haha…my business is going on fine…am bestern ist es macht Spass!!! Jetzt macht mein Bruder mit, sehr toll!! When I have a better chance, I’ll tell u more. IME was an annual event of our network! It was so cool at Sentosa Island, I wished more of my frenz were there. Danced and drank the whole evening! Haha…
    Haha…KL is going to be my second home…coz I’m going down this weekend again! There’s an AFS Gala Nite this Sat and my fren’s wedding is on Sun. But once I get back to KT…I’m gonna feel so exhausted again. But must gambateh coz too many presentations next week!
    I miss u too…take care! All da best…see u around, hoffentlich bald!
    Oh ja, ich lerne Spanish…so geil!

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