Müde und mühsam

Again…I was at KL und jetzt wieder zu Hause. Sehr muede und muehsam!
Once arrived at KL…checked into Pudu Hotel! What next??? Schlafen!! Natuerlich! Then shopping in the afternoon at Timesquare, bought 2 coats! Never thought I would do that…hehe, a change is always good as long as it’s for the better. At first wanted to go to the office but time didn’t allow us to do so so headed back to the hotel and slept again. Am Abend gab es AFS Gala Night! Voll geil! Some were in costumes…I wore something simple but it was fun though! Yasmin Yusof was the emcee…voll lustig! She was just fabulous…not forgetting the dancers, rapper, singer (Malaysian Idol finalist), AFSers, returnees…voll geil! Es war schon mittelnacht wenn wir zurueck gingen.
Am Samstag…woke up kinda early coz needed to go back to Timesquare due to some stupid things. After packing our stuffs, we checked out and went to Farah’s kenduri! Very interesting but as usual…after the lunch, I practically didn’t know what to do so went to sleep. The ceremony was great, so many people! Really Raja sehari! When I first saw her, she was in a Korean traditional costume and I actually thought it was the ‘penyambut tetamu’. This shows that I haven’t seen her for so long…but can’t blame me…nobody could actually recognize her in that costume…what else a wig, looked like a doll! Haha! Anyway…Farah…u looked gorgeous! Muaks!!!
It was alr evening when I woke up. Well…I wouldn’t wanna mention what I missed…haha, but doesn’t matter. I had a great time there! Majlis bersanding was cool! Got a bunga telur! We chit chat…like the usual Farah, no more thick make-up, fake eyelashes, wig, costumes…just herself! Made me feel like time really flies…never thought she would get marry so soon but I’m happy for her! Be happy my gal! The memory at Jam Thai a few years back is still fresh in my mind! We had so much fun there…imagine tyre went flat…haha, was it bcoz we took way too much food? Walked for kilometers just for a meal? And she absolutely loved birds watching! Haha…the time there was jz great!
After everything, I was on my way back to KT again. Gosh, this is really tiring! But I had fun though! Haha!!

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