Tiring and exhausted

Kurzlich habe ich immer gefragt…warum ist mein Leben so beschaefitg? Manchmal weiss ich selbst nicht mehr ob es besser ist, wenn mann viel zu tun hat oder nichts zu tun hat. I find myself so tired and exhausted everyday…bin ich schon alt geworden? Haha…sicher! Ich brauche PAUSE!
Went to the turtle sanctuary at Ma’daerah, Kerteh. Leider hatten wir keinen Glueck…no turtle came on shore to lay eggs. So sad…but anyway, it was a fun trip! Learned more about turtles…how I wish I have the chance to actually see a live leatherback turtle…I wonder how many are there left in this world! The hatchlings were so cute…it was fun releasing them back into the sea…another mystery of where they actually headed to coz turtles only come back to the nesting ground after years. Do they travel around the world as well? Why? Aren’t food available everywhere? The whole time seating and lying on the beach made me think back of redang. I wanna go back there so desperately! Life there was nice…miss the time staring at the stars, waiting for shooting starts, snorkelling, diving, swimming, , the sand, the sea, the clubs, the frenz…
Derectly after the trip…I had a test…and wie scheiss, ich konnte nicht antworten. Schon dumm…not enough of reading and preparation. My mind wasn’t in a state to absorb anything I was reading…I guess I was jz looking at words. It was kinda hard to understand what I actually read when I was like feeling so tired. I jz wanted to sleep.
So much to do…holidays is coming but I have to go for fieldtrips then. So there goes my holidays…kinda sad about it. *sob sob* It’s fun being in the nature but the workload…it’s tiring. I had plans for my holidays!!! And now it’s all gone. All work and no play indeed makes me a dull person. Life becomes colourless…no entertainment! I really have enough of such life…I want a change…asap!! But I still have about 8 more months to go! Sampling, lab work, reports, assignments…are giving me headahce!
Ich will einen Pause machen! Guess I jz have to wait until the November holiday. I wish I won’t have anything to do by then! I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t have holidays by then!

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