AFS is hot to go!!!

Yo…finally all 5 students are here! It was cool where everyone waited for Lucia…
It was a long day…went to campus in the morning to submit the report, identified the insects (so difficult) and prepared for reagents.
Then rushed back around 4sth as my parents had a meeting. Once I got back, went out to post my dad’s letter…then went back home. So tired, slept for a while, then my hp started ringing, it was time to pick my parents up again. I wished I could sleep longer. However, had to drag myself up and had a shower…at least I didn’t feel that sleepy anymore.
Lucia was already there when we arrived. She’s a lovely gal. Her host brought her back…and the rest of us went for dinner with a guy from London. Hmm…wondered how my Mum gotta invite him to our house for a nite. Cool anyway, just kinda a surprise. Having dinner with the AFSers has always been fun!!! So full…gosh, I’m really going to gain weight if I keep on eating this much.
After that, went back home…guess what, a snake awaited us at home! This was scary…waited for the bomba to catch it. I was supposed to bring Matthew out to look around the town but had an appointment so my parents took the job instead. Went yamcha half way when dad called and said the car broke down…shit, das heisst, ich hab wieder kein Auto. Egal…not going to campus tomorrow if really cannot.
Wenn ich wieder zu Hause war, war es schon 00:15…sehr muede aber hab sehr viel zu tun! Ich bin muede…das bin ich echt sicher!

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