Fieldtrip to Seladang and elephant conservation centres

Another amazing fieldtrip…one that I was really looking forward to! At least jz to have fun and no work…surely everyone like it!
Anyway, it took approximately 8 hours bus ride to reach the destination. I was sleeping most of the time. It was almost evening when we reached the Seladang conservation centre. Had some rest then went for a nite walk after dinner and a video show. Seladang is one of the species that is going extinct and need protection. They are huge!!! The nite walk was incredibly fun! No light…and walking in the dark with only the light from the stars…schoen! Made me think of Blinderkuh! Aber Blinderkuh war wirklich voll dunkel…all black. No matter how hard I tried to blink my eyes, all I saw was darkness. Moreover, it was like a scouting event…nite walk!! That was what we always did during camps!
The next day we visited the Seladangs! It was interesting…
After that, we headed to the elephant conservation centre…there were more people there as it is opened for the public. So happy to have a chance to ride on an elephant, cool experience!!! Even rode one in the river and when they elephant fell, we all fell into the river too! Gosh, es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht! Ich hoffe, dass ich noch mal gehen kann! After a videoshow, we were on our way back home. As usual, I slept most of the time in the bus.
Jz wanna say…though I’m tired but the trip was worth everything!!! I really wish we have more chances to go to such places and visit wild animals! 

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