Monsoon Cup

Monsoon Cup…an annual event happening at KT only during the monsoon season. Well, I do not know much about it. I just wanted to volunteer but I missed it last year coz I was enjoying myself, getting sunburn at Australia. So, I signed up this year, hoping that it will be some cool experience.
I attended the briefing today just to find out that the work actually started today until 4dec. Hell, this is bad!! Firstly, I’m not prepared to work immediately even though the pay was increased. Moreover, the working period was longer which mean I will earn more than I expected. However, there are a few days that I could not work due to sampling. I wonder if I can find someone to replace me but I do not think so. So most probably I will give it up…there is always next year. One thing for sure…my FYP is more important than anything else right now. I wanna graduate at the same time as the rest.
I am just so grateful that it is going to be my last sampling end of this month. After all the sorting and identification, I will finally be able to start concentrating on writing the thesis. Start earlier and finish faster…that will be nice. I do not want to rush into anything coz that feeling sucks…endless nites=sleepless nites, not because I can’t fall asleep but I can’t finish my work. These days my life has been kinda upside down. Sleeping early in the morning, waking up in the evening. Night is better than day! That’s what I feel…no disturbance and peaceful! The nite is long! I seem to enjoy that kind of life but it’s pretty odd to most people I guess. Anyway, who cares so much as long as I’m happy with it!

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