Monsoon season

What can be related to terengganu or the east coast during end of the year? MONSOON SEASON!!!
It has been raining like everyday, well at least, almost but with a few sunny days. It has always been nice to laze around and cuddle on the bed during this time. Trust me, it’s really hard to get out of the bed when the weather is so cooling and the sky is so grey! The last thing anyone would do is work. Even lying on the bed, reading some books or watching vcds sound better than doing anything else. I’m just lucky that it’s holiday…well, sort of, depends on when I wanna do my work actually.
Going sampling this Wed…what can I say. Jz pray that it doesn’t rain, if possible not at all, or at least not heavily. Or else all work must be delayed coz it’s way too dangerous to work then. U never know what the underwater current can do! I hope I can finish it fast…there’s no way or reason to stay longer there when there are so many other interesting stuffs to do!
Just finished up my draft for introduction and literature review. I actually thought I won’t be able to finish it on time…well…guess I jz did it. Maybe there is still space for improvement but I’ve tried my best. Let’s jz see what the lecturer will say…
Hmm…gotta go. Need to pick up my parents. It’s pretty enjoyable to be teachers knowing that one has the same holidays as students. Pretty interesting but too bad, teaching is just not my cup of tea. Moreover, students nowadays are way too rebellious! Hard to teach…one needs lotsa patience and well, luck I guess to succeed in teaching. Haha!!

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