Yes, my holiday is finallystarting…although I still have my last sample to identify, it feels different.
Today I went to watch Monsoon Cup with my friends…kinda interesting though. Some said it’s boring but I think it’s ok except for the fact that the whole race looks better on screen than live. I couldn’t really figure out what they were doing as they appeared like tiny ants on the boats. Hehe, saw Peter Gilmore…fatherly I would say. But who would ever know he was last year’s champion! So geil! Other than that, I was attracted to those glamourous BMW sport cars…whoa! If only I had a chance to own one! Haha! Forget about meeting any celebrities…rumours saying that Jacky Chan, Michelle Yeoh and Shah Ruh Khan were here or would be coming…but hell with my luck, I hardly even saw anyone famous. The All Heritage Clubhouse is an attraction… a unique building! I did wish I really had the chance to actually volunteer. Next year…just hope that I would still be at KT, otherwise I might as well forget about it!
I had a case at night. Although it was fun doing it, I think I feared that I did not perform well enough! At least I tried my very best! In the meantime, I could learn to be better…no matter what, by hook or crook, I will become a Marquis, hopefully ASAP! I wanna have a career and not to worry about money in the future. I want my family to live a better life! I’m not being materialistic but nowadays, no money no talk. Money is essential in life.
There are so much to do this holiday…need to plan properly because I do not want to waste it! Yuhu…FERIEN!

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