Final semester

This is my last and final semester at KUSTEM…thinking back, time passes by quickly. Without realising, I’m going to graduate soon. First year was full of fun, no worries, had so much free time to hang around and do whatever I like. Life became busier in second year…and as time went by, I didn’t seem to have extra time to sleep. More and more fieldtrips, labworks, reports, assignments…but days still pass by.
There are times where I question myself of what I really want in my life. What’s my future? How will it be after graduate…continue master or stepping into the society. I guess I still haven’t really found what I want. I don’t mind studying coz it’s better than working but sometimes I wish I’m doing some other interesting stuffs. It’s time to really think what should I do after uni life. Sounds a bit scary to me…but still have to face the fact.
The almost 10-days-trip to KL was meaningful. It was fun with my bro and friends. We didn’t plan to stay so long but had to since there was no more tickets to come back earlier. “What do u guys wanna do tmr?” was a daily question…hmm, went to Midvalley, Timesquare, Sg. Wang, KLCC…shopped till dropped, luckily it was time to go back. Went to the company everyday…but still shy to really talk to others. Gosh, it ain’t easy to be a leader but one should learn. I wanna be a better person, have more knowledge, have more exposure…and most importantly have money! Haha!
I just hope my FYP goes by well. I still need to read up the biostatistics book…I won’t say I like it but I don’t mind knowing more. It’s for my own good anyway anyhow.

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