House Of Wax

I don’t know why it took me so long to finally watch this movie…even the second movie is out, yet I only watched the first.
One word – SCARY!!!!!!!!!
It really takes courage to watch such movies…i never really watch ghost movies, thrillers sometimes i guess but i wil get a heart attack from it.
I never thought House of Wax is so scary…i mean, not in sence of ghost, illusion and etc…but in terms of cruelty. How can anyone be so cruel? It’s disgusting…imagine using a pair of scissors to cut into human flesh…oh my god! And wax them…yucks! Wax hardened when cold, melt when it’s hot. It’s like real human being stucked forever under the wax. The body beneath waiting to rot…really psycho twin brothers! And another bro…well, he was only in the beginning part of the movie. Guess he must be the psysco killer in the second movie. Zum Glueck, es ist nur ein Film…sonst wird es wirklich schrecklich!
Before I even watch it, I do wanna continue with the second movie but now I’m not so sure whether I can take it…sounds very chicken right? But I have problems watching such movies coz I tend to imagine like the same thing will happen on me…and it hurts!!! Maybe one day I will continue with the second series…but I think it’s even worse…more horror in it. But that’s how a movie can be famous…and so real!

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