Meaningful friday

I guess yesterday was one of the friday that I really did something…well, at least not staying the whole time at home.
Out of the blue, a few of us decided to go for go-kart! At first, we wanted to try paintball but it takes planning and we haven’t asked about the price and everything. So that will be a few weeks later…hehe!
So I dunno why but we decided at 10.30am…gosh, it was really tough to wake up so early! Anyway, still had to pull myself out of the comfortable, warm bed, with a cooling environment. However, we only knew the person-in-charge was not in after we reached PSM. Luckily there was a contact number…he said he would come at 2pm. So…nothing to do, went back kt for breakfast/lunch. Chicken rice at Kota Lama…it’s kinda fun with so many partners together! After lunch we still had some time so went for pool…snooker is too advance for beginners like us. So we settled for pool…it was kinda embarassing at the beginning…the stick never hit the white ball, what else the colour balls! And funnier was, the white ball seemed to drop into the hole more often than colour balls! However, it was fun…2 against 2, I paired up with Pit Li while Shek Hong and Adelyn! We made a great pair…hehe! It took us more than an hour to finish up a round…I guess kinda long! Haha…but egal!
So later went for go-kart…the person-in-charge wasn’t there yet so nothing to do…we drove around PSM…it’s a place to learn how to drive. It was funny thinking back to those days when I first took the licence…the nervousness! Later went into a fren’s car coz he said wanna ‘piu che’. Gosh, one word – cool! The feeling…adrealine rushing through the body…only one thing, if only it was a sport car! Finally, that guy came… When we saw the car or watever u call it…well, surprise! They looked like non-ready car modals, just like frames. I expected it to be nicer (that’s the problem of watching too many movies which leads to high expectation). Since only 3 cars can go at a time on the driveway, so we had to split. I was in the first team…but the last one to start…it was a great experience. I think I did that before but I just couldn’t remember. I was wondering did I dream about it…but it was so vivid, me driving go-kart but memories fade…I just remember parts of it. It’s exciting to step on the oil pedal as the car rushed forward…but the engine made so much noice like someone shooting the machine gun. We didn’t really speed, I was afraid the car might run out of the lane or bang into the tyres, however, it was a nice experience. The weather was getting hotter…I only felt the burn on both my hands after I finished 4 laps…a lesson to learn – to wear long-sleeves the next time! The guys were the last team to race…well, there was an obvious difference between gals and guys. They didn’t seem to give it a damn, just stepped on the pedal as hard as they could…it was fun watching them lap over lap. My bro’s car even stucked when it went offlane. No choice but to pull the car out of the grass.
After everyone had their 4 laps…nobody wanted a second round. So we left for sotong goreng. Nice breeze, nice view, strong waves…just relaxing on a lazy Friday, drinking air nyiur (coconut) and eating sotong goreng, pari goreng, kepok, pisang…some famous local delicacies.
Then back home…what else…schlafen! It was kinda exhausting after the whole day. However, that was not all of it. After I woke up, had to buy bus tickets. I was an hour at the bus station…coz all tickets were sold out. I was lucky to finally get the tics! So we went for dinner later. When I was half way eating, only I remember I had an appoinment at 11pm. So rushed back, changed and headed to meet my fren.
After the whole thing, it was already midnite. While I was on my way to my car…met a man, some sort of manager. Kinda surprising when he asked me about marketing. He was searching for someone to motivate his salemen and salegirl about marketing. Too bad, I’m not a graduate in marketing, I really have no idea what do they learn in marketing. Just had a drink with him…nice and successful man. That’s what I like about this business…u will never know who u will know or meet.
In short…a meaningful friday!

2 thoughts on “Meaningful friday

  1. Wow! Seems like you always have a great holiday. Always something happening. You are such a happening girl! and you even met a manager coincidently and yet he is asking whether are you interesting in marketing and join him? wahhh…. that kind of things will never happen on me. I wish…but will never. I don’t have much luck in everything. I never play Go-Kart before. I would love to try. But no chance unfortunately. Paintball….that is fun! hahaha…..and schmerzen gaell! I just got a new job offered yesterday and I accepted the offer. Today after work, I am going to the office and sign all those paperworks. Hopefully will be starting my new job next week. Switzerland, of course I still want to go. Antonia is getting married in August. If possible, I want to attend her wedding as this is the only time that i can meet the whole family. Uncertain yet as I just got a new job. Hmm….weiss nicht genau! aber ich hoffe. Bis dann! Need to go for work now…hehehe….miss you too!~ Hugs~

  2. Nope…never wait for it to happen but make it happen!
    Well, just some luck I guess but u know me…I’ve no idea what marketing is…maybe some but not enough. A foreign subject to someone who studies Biodiversity like me.
    Hey, glad that u’ve got a new job! Happy for u…things do run smoothly…u’ve ur luck too!
    I wish to go back too…but I’m not sure when. I’m still thinking of what to do after graduate. Did think of continue studying but maybe not so soon! There are so many things I wanna try…just tired of studying right now.

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