Beginning of 2007

Hmm…it’s time to write something to begin the new year.
New Year’s Eve was celebrated with high school students and partners. Wir hatten BBQ zu Hause gehabt! Well, endlich…I opened up the Vodka that I bought years back! A toast to everyone, wishing everyone Happy New Year and may the year 2007 be filled with happiness, health and wealth! It was also my Mum’s birthday on the 1st of January…so double celebration!
The next happening event was the Recognition Rally 2006! I’m so damn proud of DCHL and most of all, our network, SYN! We are the best! The whole day at Bukit Jalil was exciting…coz many of our beloved Marquis went onstage to receive their awards and of course not forgetting our Dukes! One the best moment was watching Dato Siti Nurhaliza and Michael Wong performed! They were just great!!! Now I understand why she received the Anugerah Terbaik yearly! She is just fabulous! Just feel so bad coz I couldn’t go to Rumms Club in the evening as I had to catch a bus sonst it would be a blast! Haha!!!
Jetzt bin ich wieder zu Hause…lazying around and finishing up my report. Time is running short…as months passed by, my uni life is coming to an end too. I really don’t know what to expect. Was will ich in mein Leben? Was mache ich gern? As a scientific reseacher or officer or assistant who will end up most of the time doing research, going for fieldtrips, reading journals, labworks, I’m not sure anymore if that’s the kind of life I really want until I retire. Seems like still a long way to go but planning is important. I want something with flexibility, not a routine task! I will find what I want, hopefully!

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