Busy Monday

I guess this is the busiest day I ever had since the beginning of the year.
Slept late coz was rushing to summarize a few articles. Went to class around 8am and was in school till 7pm. So much to do and yet lack of time. Met up a few lecturers to seek for their opinions, didn’t manage to meet one. Went to lab to check on sth but couldn’t find it. Had 3 hours of French class which was mega schwierig! Ich wollte nur schlafen! So muede…und das Wetter war voll heiss, made me feel even more tired and sleepy. After class went for dinner straight away! Then had to rush to the rented house as juniors wanted to come and discuss about the furnitures they will buy from us. After that, had a chat with my partner…and here I’m, at home, tired, exhausted and sleepy!
Ich habe nur angst, dass ich meine Dinge nicht fertig machen kann! First draft of my thesis writing, a test this Wed, preparing for the trip to HK, business…but I’m learning to cope up with everything. Time management!!! Wichtig! Or else I’ll be wasting my precious time!
Sometimes I wished I’m graduated…sort of have enough of studying! Hehe

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