Last day at HK

Die Zeit geht ganz schnell vorbei…ich bin schon eine Woche in HK. Morgen fliege ich zurueck…schon traurig as I really like it here. Obwohl es kalt ist aber es hattet viel Spass gemacht!

Still remember when I arrived one week ago…it was everything so exciting! It’s really amazing to be here! I stay with a host family. She’s a single mum, has a daughter who is studying at Australia. However, she’s one of the nicest friend I’ve ever met! It’s a pity I didn’t spend much time with her. Ich war jeden Tag im Ausgang, from early in the morning till late in the night. Es ist schon muehsam, though it’s fun.

Ich liebe HK, the night view is just too nice! Many tall buildings here, it’s just so amazing! The night scene from the Peak was magnificant! The symphony of light is on every night at 8pm. It can be watched from Victoria Harbour or Avenue of Star. Many nice places to visit indeed, the Big Buddha at Lantau Island (but I had one hell of time there due to something that happened), Mong Kok, Ladies’ Street, Wan Chai, Ocean Park, Bank Central…etc.

Not forgetting the delicious food here! I’ve tried a few…Dim Sum, Po Lo Pau, Tan Tat, Kap Zai Peng, Che Zai Min, Wan Tan Min, Nai Cha…ich glaube, wenn ich laenge bleiben, i’m gonna gain weight.

Other than that, what I enjoyed most is meeting the people! HK people…what can I say, they are superb friendly. I got to know Xiao Yun and Sunny from Beijing, Tangchi from Thai, Kumi and Hiroko from Japan. We are the overseas volunteers! It was nice hanging out with them everyday. They shared the ups and downs with me in HK, it did make me think back of those days in der Schweiz. I’m so happy to see Kit again…she’s so mature now. Too bad I was too tired and couldn’t go clubbing with them! Besides, I attended a secondary school. The students are nice and cute! I was in F6…even better was each of us were assigned to an ambassador. Mine was Warren…he’s mega freundlich. Er hat mich ganz viel geholfen in die Schule.

Final of all is the Intercultural Fair held yesterday. It was fantastic. I didn’t really know what I wanna do in the beginning…we did Magunatip dance. Hmm..what’s that? Well, simple…it’s the bamboo dance. It was really cool…but muede weil ich den ganzen Tag tanzen musste. I’m damn grateful to have a few friends to help me…Warren, Justine and Christy! You all are GREAT! I wouldn’t have done it without your help…all of you have been so nice and helpful! I really like your school! TST! After the fair, we cleaned up…then had dinner. Scheisse…muede. However, it’s hard to believe we are leaving…I’m not going to see my 5 closer friends…it’s kinda weird coz we were out together everyday here.

Now I’m packing up…it seems I have more to bring back than when I came here! Was ich sagen will ist…ich will nicht zurueck gehen! Ich komme ganz sicher wieder!

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