Food poisoning

Scheiss dumm…didn’t know food poisoning can be so serious! Yesterday I had Nasi Pattaya at BB2 Seafood, Gong Badak…half way through the meal, I alr felt like vomitting. However, I still finished up the food.

After that I really feel weird…had class in the library…it was freaking cold, I was shivering. It was a strugling 2 hours for me. When the class ended, I rushed out the library…as I was driving to the gerai mamak (needed to da pau for my bro), my body temperature rose but I was feeling cold.

I drove all the way back to KT. My parents insisted me to go to the hospital. Shit thing that I had to wait so long, I felt like sleeping coz my head was burning and it hurt! The whole check-up thing took around 2 hours. Spinnt!

After I got home, I started to vomit non-stop and had diarrhea. I’m glad the fever is gone but still my head hurts and I still have to go to the toilet quite frequently. Feel like wanna sue the gerai mamak! Coz I’m completely sure there was something wrong with the rice. My bro had stomachache too after he ate the rice.

Now I’m feeling so weak…like shit! Coz ich habe viel zu tun!


3 thoughts on “Food poisoning

  1. Sapo!! Geht es dir gut? Bist du wieder gesund??? Heute ist Sonntag, ich mache nichts zu Hause. Einfach…..mucking around doing nothing. Danke vielemal fuer die Postkarte aus HK. Es hat mir sehr gefreut.

  2. Ich bin scheiss stressed jetzt!
    I can’t understand what I’m reading…ich habe eine Franzoesischepruefung heute Abend! Aber ich war 2 Woche nicht in die Uni…deshlab komme ich nicht drauf…oh, so dumm!!!
    Headache…i really wished it was a german test, then it would be einfacher!
    Anyway, I’m getting better…no time to check up again though I really should go!

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