Dream places!

Hmm…I’m back in my space again…I don’t think I’ve ever written so many times per day before.
Well, I just came back from campus, had a test just now. It was ok but I forgot a few facts…nvm. I seem to get use of driving for approximately half an hour to campus almost everyday and back the very day.
Right now, I only have my thesis to worry about. I must finish it before end of this month! Actually there are a few things to do but laziness is all around me which causes me to drag on to everything! Pretty bad actually…I rather sleep than doing anything else. Lazy me!!
Things that kept appearing in my mind is ‘Where’s my next destination?’. I’ve never really thought about this question until Ellen asked me this before I left HK. Did I really know where I wanted to go beforehand? It all happened so fast…and just with fingers clicked, I was somewhere else. But this question makes me think of where else I’ve always wanted to go…and in conclusion, I would say A LOT!
– Switzerland (yes, of course again)
– Hong Kong (I didn’t have enough of it…so yes again!)
– The Carribean!!! (I wanna meet the pirates…haha)
– Beijing
– Taiwan
– Japan
– Australia (yes, again!!!)
– New Zealand (I wanna try those extreme sports like bungee jump and skydiving!!!)
– Bali
– Phuket
– Maldives
– Africa
– Alaska
and the list goes on…but basically these are places I feel like going. If I ever have a chance, I would like to cruise to the Artic and Antartica and watch the nature and wildlife! Ich liebe travel! Es macht Spass…well, I should thanks AFS for giving the opportunity to at least stayed in Switzerland for a year! That was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life!
Sure the hell I don’t wanna travel alone…anyone wanna join me to those places? It’s always nice to travel with friends! 

2 thoughts on “Dream places!

  1. Count me in! I want to go everywhere I haven’t been to. I think it is going to be hard for me to save enough money for travel. Jetzt moechte ich ein Haus in Melbourne kaufen. Deshalb muss ich von die Bank Geld borrow. Sigh….heavy shoulder. Aber ich moechte immer noch Reisen gehen. Wir haben sehr lange kein Reisen zusammen gehabt. Wann????

  2. Ich weiss…ich moechte gern dich wieder sehen. Eigentlich ich hab selbst auch nicht genug…bald bin ich fertig mit mein Studium, dann geh ich arbeiten.
    Gehst du denn in der Schweiz dieser August?

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