So langweilig

It’s kinda boring studying for test. I seem to get lazier and lazier…
My thesis for FYP is stucked half way…ever since I came back from HK, I feel like doing nothing. Sometimes I hope I’m alr a graduate as I have enough of study. But wondering if I’m really a graduate, what can I do then…? I would like to do something I like in my life…not just working and working which makes my life a dull one.
Recently I’ve been cleaning the house, clearing up old junks…came across a few story books I read when I was little. I used to read a lot! It’s fun to be a child with no worries, playing with my brother, having my parents there procteting and loving me! I think it’s even harder for me to be an adult as one has to bear the responsibilities but I tend to shy away from them. It’s not good coz I really should learn to take care of myself instead of depending on my family. But I’m glad to know they are there whenever I need them.
I’m looking forward to graduate this year though I don’t really know what I will do after that. I may continue my study someday but no asap. I need some rest, anything but away from study! Haha!

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