Fieldtrip to Johore

Am anfang hatte ich mich gar nicht so gefreuet…weil ich so viel zu tun habe. However, this is one of the best trips I’ve ever been to. Usually we would sample somewhere around Terengganu. This is the first time we had the chance to go so far.
The journey there was kinda long…worse was the tyre went flat. We had to stopped around 2 hours…had some hard time to stop buses or lorries to help us. We departed at about 9sth at night and only reach gelang patah at noon the next day…we stopped a few times to rest and eat.
I was glad that we finally reached the destination. We prepared our sampling equipments…and started at around 4pm. We went out to the sea (or more like an estuary) by motor boat. The depth of the water was knee-length so it was ok…but it was kinda hard to walk on the mud! My legs were sinking deeper and deeper. We had to catch fishes using the net…it was a tiring job…at least, I wasn’t the one doing it…pity KB. I didn’t expect to catch so many fishes in the net! We had to measure the total length and standard length. The most important and difficult part is to identify them, especially to the species level! We caught mostly filefish, some pufferfish (so cute…they expand when you squeeze them…like a baloon!!), false scorpionfish, pipefish, sea cucumber…Other than that, we also met 3 other volunteers…so nice to have them helping us.
At around 7pm, the tide is rising…so we gotta leave. It was time to go home to clean up. It was almost 11pm when we had our dinner….while waiting for everyone to shower, we played some games and poker cards…we were real LOUD! Laughing non-stop! We had dinner on a floating restaurant somewhere nearby the jetty…after we got home, we continued playing until 4am.
The next day is free activity for my group since we finished our sampling. I didn’t go for breakfast since I wanted to sleep longer. We left for JB around noon by bus, went to City Square…had lunch and went for a movie – Norbit…gosh, way damn funny! After the movie ended only I knew that Eddie Murphy acted 3 roles – Norbit, Rasputia and Mr Wong! So amazing and unbelievable! After the movie, I shopped a while and we headed to Angsana Plaza to meet up the rest. It wasn’t that nice over there, nothing much to shop or look around. We had dinner at Pizza Hut…the service sucks!!!! By the time the other group arrived, it was already past 10pm and the plaza was closing. So we went to Dangar Bay to eat. However, we went for a fun fair there…played around…the fun part was riding the 3-people bicycle!! So funny…we were sweating!! Then just played around…and at around 1am, we left.
Since we had to leave sharp at 7am, we didn’t sleep, played cards until the next morning…packed and cleaned up…then we were on our way back. I slept the whole way back…too tired!!! We stopped a few times. The last one was at Kuantan’s Mega Mall. We went to eat porridge steamboat…delicious! And McFlurry for dessert…yum yum!
It was 9.30pm when we reached KT…went for bowling with my bro and friends…but the waiting list exceeded 40 person so we left…and now here I am, just finished my bath, feeling better…still exhausted. Luckily tmr is a public holiday…

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