Rush is a word that really describes how my life is right now…
Many datelines to rush for…echt scheiss!!
19: SKL3202 test
22: Submission of deforestation scrapbook
23: French test
26: French presentation
29: Submission of thesis writing
Apr is final exam…luckily I’m taking only 3 papers…
However, after the exam, I’m going to Perhentian Island, Redang Island and Lang Tengah Island…it would be great.
But the bad thing is…after I come back I have the FYP presentation either on the 22/23.
Then I’m finally a graduate…if everything goes well!! Wish me luck then…

2 thoughts on “Rush

  1. Work hard! YahoooOO! In a month’s time, you are graduating! Congratulations man!! Man…you really travel a lot huh?! how i envy you so much. I want to travel as well, but i have work commitment at the moment. I miss my gypsy lilfe man… now..i cant just go. Even just 1 week off from work is pain in the ass. Sigh~ enjoy your time now before working in that bloody working society.

  2. Hehe…u know I like to travel la. How I wish we can go travelling again. I understand how it is once we work. Sigh, looking forward for the pay but not the work. Haha!!! I’m glad I’ve almost finished everything…
    I hope to visit you again…wait for me ya!!!

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