My feelings…

The burden is lighter after the submission of thesis writing!!! Now just have to worry for minor things…having final exam now. 2 more papers to go, shouldn’t be tough. However, still have 2 reports to submit, as well as the FYP presentation. Undeniably, time flies…
My future life…I really have no planning yet…hmm, not really actually. Just that plans don’t just turn into reality without any actions. I have a few things on my mind but I don’t know how to start them. Right now I’m just enjoying staying at home, watching movies and series like time doesn’t matter! It’s nice…
I wanna go somewhere to try out a new life. It’s not that I get sick of being at KT. It’s my hometown but yet I’m more an adventurous gal and I can’t stick to a place for long. Why? I get bored. New things tend to be exciting usually. But of course I still remember where I belong to. I’ll still be back one day.

2 thoughts on “My feelings…

  1. Come and live with me in Melbourne. I will help you as much as I can. Du kannst einfach bei mir leben. An Anfang kannst du mir kein Rental bezahlen. Aber wenn du arbeit gefunden hast(wenn du genug geld zum bleiben), du kannst mir bezahlen. Hahaha…. gut oder?? Ich mochte wirklich dir in Melbourne kommen. Wir koennen unserem Adventure machen. Toll oder?

  2. I did think about it…it’s stupid that there’s no work and travel holiday visa to Australia. You know what? Australia was never a place that I’m really keen to visit. However, the 3 weeks stay there really changed my mindset. I love Australia for its adventure. It’s just great!!
    Hehe, it’s really nice of you. I think it’s not easy to get a job there. Give me some time, I still have many things that I wanna do…but then, I will visit you again! Coz I miss you lots!!! I’m grateful to have a best friend like you! Take care…remember oh, no matter where you are, you are always in my heart.

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