Islands trip

Gosh, this islands trip is really the best break I’ve ever had!! Leaving all the troubles behind…seating on the boat with the wind blowing against u…nice!
We went to 3 islands…guess that’s the best part. The snorkelling trips were great, saw turtles, jelly fish, corals, clown fishes, moray eel, puffer fish, trigger fish, reef sharks and lotsa coral fish. It’s really nice to be in the sea again…I miss it so much. The moment I stepped back to Redang, I really miss the old times…but then most of the staff are not there anymore. Luckily Smore is still there…it’s really so so nice to see him again.
Night life was very peaceful at Perhentian, unlike Redang. There was practically nothing to do at night, just normal mamak stall. What we could so was just walked along the beach and waited for shooting stars. It was really nice…we did saw a few shooting stars!
The whole trip was really GEIL! I really wished I didn’t have to come back so soon…now have to start to prepare for my final presentation…scary!

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