Work at KL

Ever since I’ve been at KL, I’ve been working on a few different jobs.
The first one was at a research company called Merdeka Center, did some survey for the company. Basically it was survey via phone calls…rejections were the first thing to handle. Can’t believe most people who pick up are housewives, grandparents or children who basically lack of knowledge on what’s going around in our country. Good news was we had papers of phone list so no matter how many people rejected to do it, still ended up interviewing enough people. Haha! The pay was ok…at least, like what others said, part time, so what do you expect??!! But then I was there for about 1 day and a half and they never hear from me again. Haha! Eventually I had soarthroat after talking non-stop on the phones. Some were very polite and friendly, yet there were some who are rude and some even talked so much that it hurt my ears! Haha…complains and complains about how bad Malaysia is. Wirklich dumm!
Then I start searching for other jobs…I still wanna get some exposure with children (*to fulfill the requirement for Au Pair, how bad!!*) but then haven’t really found one that suits. Most require long working hours but low pay! Sicher arbeite ich nicht! So I guess I will figure out somehow to get the experience.
I went to a few interviews too…but turned down the offer. One was working for Pangkal Jaguh Sdn Bhd…drawback=no basic, only commission. One business is enough, got no time for more. Another interview was with City Bank, as what, I forgot. Truth is I didn’t even attended the interview, fear of working for the bank! Long working hours and…just phobia. Haha! Then there’s this other recruitment company who actually helps people to get job. Same, I turned down 2 offers from them when they wanted to send my resume to the respective companies. Bad thing is I have to pay RM50+ if I signed an agreement with the company they find for me. And if I stopped within 3 months, have to pay them 80% of my pay. Das ist voll SCHEISS! 
However now I’m working at Transfingo…thanks to my friend, she recommended me. It’s a Singapore company…and my mum actually thought they pay me in Singapore Dollar…haha, I wish too! Today first day at work, kinda very BLUR and CONFUSED coz I’m new to these things. Basically it’s about claim and rebate from clients to Hp and we are handling all these for Hp. They basically just pay the clients after we settled everything. Lots to absorb…I may take up some time to learn it but then I believe I can. At first I thought I’m just a temporary staff here but then just knew I’m going to work here permanently. Sometimes different people really have different faith. Another fren of ours who came in today as us got the chance to train at Singapore…ich verstehe das Leben wirklich nicht!
After meeting James yday, I really wished I’ve found a company like him…at least worthwhile to sell my time and effort to them. Everything is paid, even has the opportunity to dine with the managers! WTH! They pay for dental fee, streamyx, petrol…then send him overseas. He’ll be going to Singapore and Indonesia pretty soon, and Hong Kong is coming up! Then Denmark for training…damn damn damn lucky! I will search for a German or Swiss company…haha!
Actually there are a few things I wanna do when I still have the time. First of all, I wanna go for the Au Pair program. That’s also the reason why I didn’t continue study or get a job permanently coz I want something flexible. Moreover, I’m still building my network and I wanna be a Marquis asap! Then I can start doing whatever I like to do! About study…my parents and lecturers are encouraging me to do it asap as I’m still a fresh grad and did well for my degree but I’m not sure about it actually. Ich weiss nicht was ich studieren will. It would be great to study abroad!! Haha!
Working life=waiting to go back. Haha! Like now, I’m actually killing time to go back. I wonder why these companies wanna hire us to seat here doing so few stuffs! Well, productive but then extremely low! Wonder how it would be working at Japan or elsewhere like Hong Kong where life is in fast pace. Surely it’s gonna be very different. I don’t think Malaysians like me, at least the majority will not be able to adapt to such a life.
Yes, another 10 minutes and I’m outta here unless my lovely fren has to OT but dun care I’m leaving though she has to stay! I got other stuffs to do! At least something more interesting. Haha!

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