Ah Tai’s Team Bonding at Genting

I had one of the best weekend over, tiring but worth it!
This is my second time going for Ah Tai’s Team Bonding. The last time was a year ago at Sunway Lagoon…it was fun! This time it was held at Genting Highlands…had to wake up so early in the morning, around 4am++, I hardly even slept…therefore, slept in the bus! At the beginning, I felt sleepy more than excited, however, it was amazing seeing so many partners from whole asia pacific coming for this event.
It took about an hour to reach the top…once i got out of the bus! Refreshing but COLD! And as I stood longer, it became freezing…we had our games at genting theme park. There were Marquis at each station…it was fun running around and playing. There are some bonus games as well…it was funny getting business cards from people! Haha!!! I was in Team Macau…and our leader was Marquis Adani, our 4 flat Marquis! It was great being in that team and we had lotsa fun!
The dinner at night was grand! Theme: Dancing in the Cloud! I’m fortunate to have this opportunity to be in such an event! We were separated…I was in the same table as Siew Ching, Azim, FIrdaus and Zul, plus another 5…it was funny though. I didn’t really eat as I felt full…the performance was fabulous especially the dancers!
It was past midnight when we actually left…so tired but then learned a lot! I’m looking forward to the coming biggest event – IME!!!

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