Law of Attraction

If anyone has ever read the book or watched the video – THE SECRET, one would probably know what is the law of attraction! Means everything happening around us is attracted to us as we are like magnets. Thoughts become things. Our thoughts can be so powerful that we can actually be what and who we want! The law of attraction doesn’t happen when we do not have the feeling with us! Our feelings have to be in allign with our thoughts, then can it happen!
It’s a book that must be read! Knowing it is easy but to apply it…that’s the whole meaning of the secret. This is why 5% of the population is earning 95% of the wealth as they know the secret and most importantly is they are applying the secret in their lives!
I’m trying to apply it in my life as well. After reading the book, I realised, unconsciously there were times where I did apply the secret in my life. It’s all about asking and receiving, having the feeling so strong as if I’ve alr achieved it. That’s how it works…no matter how, everything is connected to each others. The basis of the Universe is energy! That’s why we can actually send out signals with the right frequency to get to what we want or be who we want to be! The Universe always says ‘Your wish is my command’!
THE SECRET – a secret to success!

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