Sport car convoy

Life sucks if it just revolves around working and working. Luckily I’m not just working, there’s so much to be done other than that, well, at least not wasting time doing nothing after work.
Yesterday MYSYNTEAM had a sport car convoy at Shah Alam. We could only join after work, buka puasa there. Very crowded yet can’t believe there are so many partners at Shah Alam. All this while only had the chance to watch the video clips from partners and this time I myself can experience myself, it’s really different.
As time passes by, work start to get boring since I’m creating new claims everyday and there’s nothing much to learn, not challenging though. Haha! Maybe it’s time to move on! I can do better than now! Why move my cheese is a good book to read. Knowing that changing is necessary but many choose not to, hoping that things get better but as our environment is changing constantly, so should we! Have some guts and start moving forward is better than sticking up to the same thing, wishing that it was the same as previous. We can only improve our personal skills when we can outbreak ourselves, we are our only limits! 

2 thoughts on “Sport car convoy

  1. Ich auch!! Hab dich sehr vermissen…
    Wie geht es dir? Geht es dir besser? Warst du wirklich betrunken??
    Egal was, vergiss nicht, dass ich immer bei dir sein!
    Mach’s gut

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