Expanding…mentally, socially and physically

Hehe, endlich bin ich wieder hier. Actually I visit my blog quite often but I do not have the habit to write everyday! If it’s going to be a diary, it still can’t be too personal as it’s no longer private! However, I find it a nice place to actually express out my feelings during that particular moment.
Some may not realise but time actually flies really fast! It’s coming to the end of October and my birthday is just around the corner. As years passed by, the number that represents our stay in this world increased! Sometimes I really wonder why there are people who know what they want in life and yet some seem to be drifting around? Most people know what they do not want but they are unclear of what they want! I can’t forsee my future but yet I know what kind of life I want to have. I’m trying my very best to be independent but yet the playfulness in me is burning! I know there are sacrifices in order to gain what I want but there are things I’m not willing to sacrifice – having fun! Life gets bored if it’s just about work and work.
This coming 9th November is exactly my 4th month at TF. It’s a valuable memory that I will cheerish! There are times when it is interesting but there are times when it is boring. I can still remember the answer I got from my Mum after I said ‘Oh, this is so boring, I’m doing the same thing everyday, repeating and repeating, like a never ending work’. And what she said is ‘this is work, all work is the same, you do the same thing over and over again.’. And what strucked my mind for a few seconds was, is it going to be the same for other jobs? Doing the same routine every single day, isn’t it so damn boring? I guess that’s life! But I’m not ready for that! That’s why I wanna be different, doing things that others would not do, doing things that other would not dare to do and doing things that not everyone could make it! Sounds easy but it’s a challenge!
Undeniable, I miss home often! I always long to go home. But when I’m at home, I become lazy. Unlike being at KL where it’s really happening, everything seem to be in a faster pace. There’s a drive, a force that actually push me forward. Recently, I start to play the rat race, a game by Robert T. Kiyosaki. I find it amusing and realised I’m one of the ones who actually do not know how to manage my finance! Being able to increase our assets and cashflow and get out of the rat race is everything about what we are doing in life. But many do not see it, they are lost in the rat race, racing rounds and rounds and still find themselves broke as ever! Applying a game into real life ain’t easy but no pain no gain!
Well, everything is expanding…knowledge, skills, confident, network…think big shall it be! Dare to dream and live to dream!

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