Sunday is never my favourite day as it means schoolday but it’s different at places other than my hometown, where Sunday is a weekend. Sunday is a lazy day, nothing much to do. Being out is like squeezing with ppl in a sardin tin and it sucks so I rather be at home or just chill out with some close friends.
Xmas is just around the corner. Since young I don’t celebrate Xmas, plus I’m leaving in a place where nobody really celebrate it. But a year in Swiss let me experience what Xmas is! The best part is the family reunion and having presents plus the perfect weather – SNOW! Lucky is I celebrated Xmas twice in Swiss! Plotzlich vermisse ich sehr, das ist vielleicht weil Alissa da ist. Wir waren 2mal zusammen in der Schweiz und es war toll! Dieses mal is sie alleine zurueck geflogen. Xmas cookies, snowboarding, presents and etc…are missing from my life in Malaysia! Lifestyle abroad is totally different from Malaysia and I enjoy that kind of lifestyle!

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