New Year Eve

Bye bye 2007 and welcome 2008!
Today is the last day of the year…apparently nothing seems very special.
It’s just like another day but what is different is I’m at home with my family.
Sometimes I will wonder what is life all about if my family is no longer here with me.
It seems to me, the most important thing in my life is my family, one reason why I’m here.
2008…it’s gonna boom!!!
New year means new resolution.
Since I’m not a student anymore, means it’s time to do something for my future, gain something and no more time wasting.
Learn and gain more knowledge, have more exposure so that life is meaningful! I wanna be wise!

One thought on “New Year Eve

  1. Meine liebe Seh Ling,
    Alles gute in neues Jahr. Ich wünshe dir eine gute rutsch in neues Jahr auch bei gute gesund.Let us welcome 2008 with new resolution. Let us together encourage each other to learn and gain more knowledge. When in time of needs, remember me as I will always stand beside you. Love always.

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